I. Propulsion

IMG_4456The most straightforward topic is the one of propulsion. What do we need to get from A to B? We can use our sails of course, and depending on the wind that can take us very far. Especially when entering trade winds. But for entering a harbour, anchoring or calm days we rely on our 36 HP engine (if it works). When the engine is warm we motor around 4-5 knots, which is in our case 2000 – 2200 rpm. That way we burn around 2 L of diesel per hour.

The papers say that Scehawk has a 35 gallon dieseltank, which is around 160 L. That takes us about 80 hours or 400 miles across the water. We also have a 20 L jerrycan on board for emergencies. Usually we fill up the dieseltank once a month with about 100 L. The existing diesel tank should be big enough to take us across the pond, but we will have to wait out calm weather instead of just firing up the engine for days in a row.

We also have a 20 L and a 5 L jerrycan of gasoline for the dinghy, which isn’t of any use when on passage. When we’re on anchor we normally use about half of that (with our old outboard, with the new one we will use a bit more).

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