Off The Grid

Thoughts on crossing an ocean

What appeals to us about our gypsy boat life, more than when you’re traveling by road, is the self sufficientness, almost autarkic lifestyle. Travelling by the wind, with our house everywhere we choose to sail. If we keep a close watch on what we use we can stay off the grid for weeks! The longest we’ve been away from facilities until now was 10 days with 4 persons, pretty impressive if you look at Scehawks specifications:

  • 160 L diesel
  • 380 L water
  • 2 x 105 Ah house batteries and 1 x 105 Ah starter battery
  • 2 x 85 W solar panels

Before moving onto the boat, we weren’t exactly sure what these specifications meant in practice. Now that we are fully settled in, we decided to take a look at our boats ‘off the grid’ capabilities. Not in the last place because we are considering crossing the Atlantic, which means that we woud be away from civilisation for 2-3 weeks!

Hereby I will share some of my thoughts and considerations upon assessing our boats capability of an ocean passage of say, 20 days with 4 people on board. As this is going to be a bit of a lengthy post, I will cut it up in short sections:

I. Propulsion – Getting from A to B

II. Water – Should we take that shower?

III. Electricity – Ditch the fridge?

IV. Provisioning – What’s on the menu?

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