AC Day 23: Are we there yet?

Only 200 miles to go wooohoooo! We keep trying to calculate who will see land first, and we guess it will be at sunrise tomorrow. We expect the conditions to calm down during the day, and we probably have to motor the last bit.

During my nightshift from 00:00 to 03:00, I see the sunrise very early. We’re still 2 hours behind on Ireland, so the sun rises at 3 am boat time. We’ll change the clock during the day. The last cold and wet days have left me with a bladder infection, so I try to keep warm and dry during my shift. I sit in the companionway stairs, with the hatch closed so only my head sticks out. We still don’t encounter many ships, so its all good doable. We’ll have to pay closer attention tomorrow approaching Ireland!

During the morning we hoist Jenny the gennaker to give us a knot extra speed. She kind of fails to increase our speed, we are a bit to close hauled for her to power the boat. She just makes us heal over more. We snuff her up and do the last sailing of this passage with our trusted main and headsail. 

The air clears up a little, the fog lifts and we can see where we are going now. We are accompanied by dolphins again and play card games in the calm afternoon. The sundown during dinner is a picture perfect one, we can see colours in the sky again, dolphins playing around the bow and a gentle breeze to fill the sails. Couldn’t ask for a better last night!

After dinner we set up a theatre in the cockpit with laptop, boombox and a sailing movie (The Mercy). We snug up in sleeping bags and finally have Martijns movie night. Wind picks up a little and its hard to hear the movie conversations. The boat heals over more and more until we decide to take a reef after the movie. We are approaching land, and apparently there is some kind of acceleration zone just off the cape of Ireland. We have 15-20 knots on the beam and are doing 7 knots all night!


Position: 50 44 N, 10 39 W

Miles of the day: 134

Miles to go: 110

Highlight of the day: Playing cards

Drama of the day: the cockpit table breaks, its an easy fix but we’ll do that on land

Food: Pasta with salami and red sauce

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