We had a very fast night, we did 7 knots almost the whole time. We keep expecting the wind to drop, but the conditions are still good enough to make progress. Waves are dropping as well, so its getting more and more comfortable on board. We will arrive in Cork so rested on Saturday 😉


The day was a bit slower, we went from wing on wing with the headsail to wing on wing with The Beast. It looked amazing, there was a bit more wind than last time we flew it and it was keeping a great shape. We tried out flying it with the mainsail as well, which gave us a bit more sail area (we want to get to Ireland!) but Helmut didn’t cooperate. He would steer around in big circles, resulting in a flapping spinnaker on the one side and a flapping mainsail on the other. We gave Helmut a break and switched on the autopilot. Its the first time this passage that we will use the autopilot for a longer stretch of time. We can be proud of ourselves for all the electricity we saved!


In the morning, after a breakfast of porridge and cereal, I made a phone call. I was a bit afraid that making a reservation in Cork would jinx our good progress, but we’re ‘so close’ (400 miles) that nothing can go wrong now, right? So we called in and asked if there was space on the city dock (plenty!) and were a bit disappointed that they were not more excited about our transatlantic passage. Oh well, at least we are.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 20.54.11

We spent the day reading, working on the laptop now conditions are nicer, baking an amazing bread (Ben!) and fishing (Martijn). We had a pod of white nosed dolphins visit us a couple of times. We never saw these species before, they probably like the colder waters. They have white fins and white bellies, and are a bit bigger and slower than their spotted cousins. They turned lazy corkscrews in the water and jumped up half excitedly near the bow. I tried my best to finally make a good polaroid picture of them (its one of the calendar assignments) but all I captured was white splashes in the water.


I love this relaxed kind of boringness of today. The waves aren’t high so we can do more things, enjoy cooking a bit more and put things down without worrying that they fly off soon. The weather is still very foggy, I haven’t had to wear my glasses in days because we can’t see beyond the bow anyway. Stuff is damp. Our towels from showering are still dripping wet.

Ben learned some dutch words during this trip, the first of which was ‘saai’ (boring). It’s always a relief when it gets boring at sea, we would all rather have boring conditions than storm. But it is definitely SAAAAAAAAI today! His vocabulary also includes ‘lekker’, ‘knijpers’ and ‘keukenlappie’, so you know that our biggest topics on board are (food and doing dishes).

Position: 49 33 N, 13 35 W

Miles of the day: 145

Miles to go: 244
Highlight of the day: Making reservations in Cork and seeing new species of dolphins.

Drama of the day: Broke the last mixing bowl, it was on its last legs but I think this is really it. A big part of the sweet potatoes is rotten.

Food: An enormous wholemeal bread with sunflower seeds and dried tomato, finished with hot dogs and sauerkraut for lunch, potatoes from the oven with stew for dinner.

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