AC Day 21: Wet, wetter, wettest

We are at sea for three weeks now, crazy! It feels like a lifetime, definitely a lot longer than the southern westward crossing. The biggest difference is the changing conditions. We had basically all conditions imaginable: first upwind, sunny, windy, then a spinnaker day, a couple of dripping hot days, then some seriously choppy and even stormy days, some downwind sailing, another day of flying the spinnaker, some foggy days with wind on the beam, some colder days, rainy days..

As we expected, the wind is slowly decreasing, but still good enough to sail. The weather is damp and foggy. When it rains, its wetter than when it doesn’t, but its not a very big difference. We cannot see more than a boat length in any direction. We know that the sun must be out there somewhere, but we have no idea where. Sometimes there is a little bluer spot approaching us, giving a minor break in the drizzling rain and showing a little bit more sunlight. Whose idea was it to go to Northern Europe anyway?

In the morning, we have a little maple syrup accident. Martijn baked pancakes in the morning (hero!) and of course, that needs syrup. We just finished our dutch ‘stroop’ and are starting a big new maple syrup bottle, which wasn’t closed as tightly as Martijn thought. He lifted it by the lid and that was about all he lifted, with the bottle open on the floor. He cleaned everything up, and then cleaned it again, but it was still super slippery. Not very safe in the waves! We tried everything: multi purpose cleaner, heavy duty grease cleaner, bleach, wiping it off with paper towels, but it was still slippery! Finally, we drenched the floor in cleaning alcohol which did the trick.

We are getting a bit dirty again, although after a couple of days you won’t really know the difference from the day before. Weather has been a bit too cold and rough to take showers on deck, but with the decreasing waves we can’t wait any longer: shower time! We treat ourselves to a real shower, inside, with warm water. We have three water tanks, and since we were still on the second one we can afford this luxury. We smell so goooooood! And the boat does too now!

Martijn made an amazing big curry for dinner with canned chicken, pumpkin, mango and chick peas, and fresh ginger and unions. Yumm. We ate so much it hurt, we are definitely getting fat here at sea.

Position: 48 12 N, 16 28 W

Miles of the day: 133

Miles to go: 389

Highlight of the day: HOT showers

Drama of the day: Maple syrup accident

Food: An amazing curry (ginger, chick peas, mango, pumpkin, onion, chicken) with rice

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