AC Day 20: Take me back to the Bahamas

We are flying along on only the headsail, we don’t have a reef in but it does feel like we need to. It is cold, too cold to stay in the cockpit all day. The weather forecast says that we will have most of the wind today around 12:00 and it will calm down afterwards. 

I had a great night of sleep in the saloon, Thomas is sleeping in a sleeping bag in the v-berth so I have loads of space. I wake up much more energised than the last couple of days, so I decide to do some chores I didn’t get to the last day, like, brush my hair.

The night shifts are more and more a chore. It used to be all about chilling outside, finally some fresh air, listening to podcasts and singing along with my own bad taste in music. Having a few hours to yourself on a fairly crowded boat is always nice, so I really enjoyed the night shifts. Now we’re getting more to the north, the weather is colder, damper and sitting outside isn’t very nice anymore. Also, my iPod got baked in the oven so now I can’t get into my tunes anymore (apart from the laptop, but I don’t like using my laptop in choppy, salty conditions). Why the hell aren’t we sailing to the Bahamas instead of grey Ireland? 

Here is a picture of us in the Bahamas. Because we miss it.
Pos: 46 45 N, 19 07 W

Miles of the day: 144

Miles to go: 522

Drama of the day: a wet v-berth! Everything is soaked in there!

Weather: rainy, grey, 25-30 knot wind.

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