AC Day 19: Moody Monday

The bumpy ride continues.. We hoist the mainsail again and are surfing towards Cork fast. Scehawks bow digs into the waves, and the odd wave crashes over the boat. It isn’t very comfortable inside or out, so we stay in bed as much as we can. Thats kind of depressing and makes us reminiscence the spinnaker and card playing days!

We expected a patch with low wind yesterday evening, but that didn’t come. We had the engine on for about 2 hours, to charge the batteries and make a bit more apparent wind, and could sail directly afterwards again. Compared to yesterday, we are on a more comfortable course to the wind and waves, but its still very bumpy. Basic life on board is difficult, Thomas and I can’t really sleep in the pounding waves, we are thrown into the air every wave. Its a bit what we expected though, because we are almost on a direct course from the Azores to Ireland. That passage is known for having to head into the waves the whole way.

Ben was nice enough to let me snooze in the aft cabin during his shift, so I could catch up on some much needed sleep. I wedged myself in and had a few hours of deep, relaxing sleep. When I wake up I have a head ache, am sea sick but well rested. In the cockpit I get soaked by two big waves which land exactly on top of my head. Now I’m all salty. 

Days are blending into one big blur, only the meals set the days apart. We are generally a bit bored, but happy with the progress. During the first weeks of the trip we always had sundowners in the evening, but with a lack of sun and running low on beers that kind of disappeared from daily life. We need some calm, sunny weather to pick us up. I guess we will get that from Wednesday (although I’m not sure about the sun!).

Thomas’ clothing choice of the day: running tights, jogging pants, a hoody and a fleece. On top of that his waterproofs. You might notice that we had a little bit of a change in weather since last week. 

Instead of cool beverages we switched to drinking tea as well.

Position: 45 17 N, 21 49 W

Miles of the day: 152

Miles to go: 666

Highlight of the day: Food

Drama of the day: A drip in the v-berth wetted two corners of our bed

Food: leftover pasta for breakfast, soup for lunch and ravioli for dinner

Weather: sunny, 20-25 knots of wind

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