AC Day 18: More sea.

We had a bumpy night, which we expected of our first day back on track. We had to take down the mainsail at 3:00, so we did a middle of the night sail change. Thomas and I are sleeping in the V-berth and were standing against the wall more than lying on the mattress. After we took down the main, the boat started rolling from side to side but at least we didn’t have to walk on the walls anymore.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 13.11.09 copy

We have NW wind and NW swell, which are forcing us off course again. We want to head 50 degrees, but had to stick to 70-80 for the morning. The wind changed later, enabling us to go on course again. The weather isn’t as shitty as we expected, actually its quite sunny!

For dinner, conditions calm down a little bit so I can make a pasta. I seriously considered making ravioli (rough weather food) but it seems not legit to pull that card in these conditions. The salmon from a can still has grates, which I didn’t know and think is quite weird. Thomas hated fishing out the grates and doesn’t want to eat tinned salmon again.

I started on a new book, actually two books, the Rosie Project and the Rosie Effect. Nice books for at sea, easy reads and entertaining. I might need a book with some more depth after.. 

We are really, really, really looking forward to Cork. It sounds so close now! We had our family members look up the facilities at the town dock, and it turns out we can use a hotel for showers, pool and spa for a couple of euros a day. Yay!

Position: 43 45 N, 24 38 W

Miles of the day: 146

Miles to go: 818

Highlight of the day: Weather is much better than expected!

Drama of the day: Grates in the salmon. Oh well. First world problems.

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