AC Day 16: Perfect Day

The day starts out like we expected: low wind and sunny weather. Today we get a break! We turn on the engine and wait for everyone to get up. Once the men are all awake and have their first coffee down, they hoist the spinnaker. It hangs sadly from the mast like a drying towel and flops around with the waves. I note in the log book: 9:00 spinnaker up, 9:10 spinnaker down.


We have a breakfast of empty calories (American cereal) and coffee, and sit around in the sun while the day warms up. Will today be the day we finally get to take that a shower? We have been putting it off for days now, because it was either too rough or too cold. We give the boat a good scrub: Martijn cleans the floor, I clean the bathroom, Ben bakes bread and Thomas cleans the bilge and adjusts the cutlass bearing, which is dripping a bit too much. We all put clean sheets on our beds and then.. showers! We stop the boat and Martijn and Ben jump in. Thomas and I pussy out, on account of the shark we saw a couple of days ago. I want to arrive in Cork with all my limbs, thank you! We’ll stick to bucket showers. 

Everyone looks squeaky clean and the boat looks like new, and we go ahead to do what we usually do on a relaxed day: eat, read books, play gameboy, nap. After the showers we hoist the gennaker and jib wing on wing and flap happily through the waves. The wind picks up just before dinner, and we take down the gennaker. It wasn’t hoisted all the way up and almost chafed through the new spinnaker halyard!

While Ben and I take down the gennaker, we hear a scream from the galley. Thomas put in a pizza, but started smelling burnt plastic (again!).. My iPod was drying out in the leftover heat of the bread that Ben made earlier that day, and Thomas didn’t know so he just turned on the oven again! The iPod is dry, but I don’t think it will ever work again..

We get a long email of our friends on Matenka, who have a friend in Ireland who provides us with all the information we need on Cork. Where the marinas and docks are, what the prices are, what the showers are like and another valuable piece of information: do not order Guinness in Cork. Apparently it’s all about Murphys there. Very, very good to know.

All in all we have a great day, just a perfect rest before shit will hit the fan again tomorrow (see weather forecast below). We decided the weather looks good enough to turn north tomorrow morning, but we will have to sail through rain, waves and strong wind to make sure we follow the good wind up to Ireland. We are looking forward to making some real progress towards Ireland, but waves and rain are never a nice prospect. Luckily we’re still a bit south, if we were more north it would have been much less pleasant!

Pos: 42 05 N, 30 20 W

Miles of the day: 126 (74 towards Cork, ouch)

Highlight of the day: Showers. Clean sheets. Clean boat. Faces/necks/legs get a shave and nails are clipped. We are like new people.

Drama of the day: We burn an iPod and the spinnaker halyard chafes. Thomas tries to toss a glass overboard but it breaks on the spray hood and covers the whole cockpit in tiny glass splinters.

Food: cereal for breakfast, beetroot salad with feta and walnuts for lunch, pizza hawaii for dinner.

Weather: not a lot of wind, just on the edge of being sailable. We motor a couple of hours as well. Wind is picking up during the night.

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