AC Day 14: Heading the wrong way

Mentally today was is difficult day. The weather forecast showed two more low pressure systems rolling onto our path this week, one manageable but the second one very big with huge waves. We had to make the difficult decision of turning southeast (although we should be heading northeast), so 90 degrees off course. Looking back onto our earlier route, it wasn’t clever to go for the rum line towards Ireland. We should have just stayed on 42 or 43 degrees north and sail east until a good weather window appeared in which we could make it to Ireland. Ben did the math, we lost about half a day of sailing because of going north too soon. Not too bad, but it didn’t do too good for our morale either. But as Ben put it nicely, we all rather have 3 days of spinnaker sailing and playing cards than one day of sailing through a storm.

day 14
E-mails we received that day were all among the lines of ‘why are you heading to the Azores!?’

Helmut steered back towards 42 north, while we rested and recovered. We are all pretty tired, the rolling of the boat makes it difficult to sleep. While Martijn and Ben napped, Thomas and I tried to play a game (made us seasick) and tried to watch a movie (made us seasick). So Thomas got back to reading while I baked bread and brownies and cooked dinner. 

Today, I finally wanted to cook my nautical favourite of cabbage wedges wrapped in bacon. We have been saving the cabbage for last, as it is known to last forever and ever. We had stored it cool and dry in the cockpit locker. But the last couple of days, we also smelled something mysteriously fishy every time we opened the locker.. As I dug out the cabbages from underneath the spinnakers and fenders, I only find a dripping wet bag with brown slime in it. Found the source of the stink! It was the cabbage.. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 16.57.38

Luckily we still had half a cabbage in the nets inside the saloon, so I could make a little bit of cabbage from the oven. Plus potatoes and some carrots from a can (Thomas: ‘These carrots taste amazing!’ Thanks carrot factory). The conditions weren’t good, we were sailing on only the headsail and there was quite a lot of swell. I managed to cook dinner, but couldn’t eat it because I was too sea sick. I took a sea sickness pill, which guaranteed a couple of great hours of sleep. I dreamed about fried calamaris and gamba’s, and woke up fresh and ready for my 3:00 night shift plus late night dinner.

Thomas and I can sleep in the V-berth again, which wasn’t possible on earlier crossings because the hatch leaked. Now we’ve got that fixed and it is quite a nice bed to sleep perpendicular to the boat movement. We love it, especially now it gets a bit colder at night. We fit in there much better than in the saloon berth, which is just a bit too short (even for me).

My iPod broke yesterday, and even after a night in rice it still cannot resurrect from death. So devastating, I had a lot of nice music on there! And podcasts! Ben swears by putting it in the oven on 40 degrees, just to dry it out properly.

Position: 42 18 N, 39 02 W

Miles of the day: 158 (49 towards Cork…)

Miles to go: 1290

Highlight of the day: Brownies for half way day (how often are we allowed to celebrate half way day?)And a sundowner in the cockpit with calm conditions. Found my missing shorts.

Drama of the day: Rotten cabbage

Food: a fresh bread, brownies, cabbage with bacon and potatoes.

Weather: 20 knots of wind dying down and picking up again. Grey skies, a bit of a sunny morning.

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