AC Day 12: Pre Storm

At the moment, we are 600 miles from the Azores, 600 miles from Canada and 1400 miles from Ireland. Its quite reassuring to still have land in motor able distance. We used the engine quite a lot, and have already gone through half a tank (80 L). There is still 80 L left, plus six times 20 L in jerrycans: 200 L. Thats roughly enough for 600 miles, if we motor at 5 knots we use 1,7 L an hour.

During our morning coffee, Martijn calls home to congratulate his dad with his birthday. Its quite surreal that this is possible, just making a phone call from the middle of the ocean. His parents are super surprised and love it. We also use the opportunity to get some medical advice about Thomas’ back pains, which is probably a trapped nerve. There isn’t much he can do about it, except for taking pain medication and keeping an eye out that it doen’t turn into an infection.


With the dramatic weather forecast in mind, we start the day with storm preparations. I bake a bread and already prepare a lasagna for dinner. While I’m at it and its calm down below, I also take the opportunity to clean the fridge and go through our inventory. We are doing quite good: we still have loads and loads of cheese left, hummus, cream cheese, bacon, butter, etc. We are almost getting through our eggs, which is good because they don’t last very long. Apparently the Americans wash their eggs which makes them last shorter than European eggs. We ate all the vegetables before they went bad and we only had to throw away one avocado and a couple of bananas. We still have some apples left, that land on Martijns bed when the sea gets rough. On the southern crossing, we had to throw away almost half of our provisions because they just didn’t last as long as we had hoped. It feels a lot better to just eat everything in time!


During the day, the wind started picking up to 20 knots. We are sailing 150 degrees downwind, which makes it very comfortable. All in all great sailing weather! We are making great progress and return to our rum line. Ben does his ‘ten somethings a day’ workout on the bow and spots a shark in the water right next to our boat. This sighting, on top of all the poisonous jellyfish that are floating by, make me pretty determined not to jump into the water again. I’ll keep to bucket showers until we are in some shallow, protected waters again.

The afternoon is very nice, a bit chilly but also sunny and dry. We lay around, nap, read books, same old same old. Thomas is feeling a lot better after resting most of the day and night. And the reassurance from Martijns dad that he will be fine certainly helped as well!

Position: 43 30 N, 42 13 W

Miles of the day: 146 (140 towards Cork)

To go: 1460

Highlight of the day: Martijn calls home

Drama of the day: I drop some cutlery into the ocean during the dishes. Oops. I am also getting to the end of my Bill Bryson book. What a shame.

Food: We have breakfast with a bread that Ben baked, I bake a bread for lunch and Thomas heats sausages for hot dogs. Lasagna for dinner

Weather: Awesome sailing weather, 20 knots from astern, sunny and dry but not too hot

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