AC Day 11: That weather forecast

We’re still somewhere off the Grand Banks, close to the Flemish Cap. The weather is great, the waves aren’t high but the wind isn’t either. We motor through the night. Thats a compromise to get sporty sailing in but also some relaxed night shifts: during the day we go all out with spinnakers, but during the night in light winds we motor. On my morning shift, the wind picks up enough to sail. A hand reaches through the hatch on the cockpit floor and grabs my ankle: ‘Do you want to hoist the main?’. Sure I do!

We expected the wind to increase and develop into a very strong wind on Monday (30 knots sustained). But its only Sunday, so its an extension of the weekend-sailing of yesterday. Just with more wind. I sleep in, until like 14:00, and read most part of the day. Its a kind of quick passing boring day really.

We download the weather and get a big shock. There are no less than 3 low-pressure systems on their way towards our path: one on Monday, which we expected and can get across. One on Friday, a massive low pressure that takes up all the space between Canada and Ireland, and one after that next week. Thats a shock, because if we stay on our direct course to Ireland, all three will hit us. We decide to alter our course and stay a bit more south, so we can at least let the big storm at the end of week pass. We will use the first low pressure system to make some speed and follow the seas south again, so our path will look a bit weird the coming days.

Ben cooks a nice pasta, and notices bubbles in the tap: our first water tank is empty! Day 11, 160L of water. Thats an impressive 14,5 L a day, with 4 people on board, including drinking, cooking, washing up and showering.

Thomas is still in pain because of a trapped nerve in his back. He is taking all the pain killers he can get his hands on, but none seem to work. Tonight, he is using the good old system of a seasickness pill with a glass of wine, and a good night of sleep. 

In the evening Martijn organises a movie night. It is very calm so we can sit outside in the cockpit. It turns out to be quite difficult to get everyone interested: Ben already saw the movie, Thomas is in pain and wants to be in bed and its not really my kind of movie so Martijn ends up having to watch it alone.. It also starts raining so he can move the oversee able party under the spray hood.

Pos: 43 05 N, 45 30 W

Miles of the day: 140 (135 towards Cork)

Miles to go: 1600

Highlight of the day: Great conditions!

Drama of the day: Thomas has a bad back ache, a dramatic weather forecast

Food: Ben baked two great breads, which we eat for breakfast and lunch. He also makes a great pasta with white sauce, our last carrots and some sausages.

Weather: light wind, picking up during the day

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