AC Day 9: FISH ON!

The night was windy and squally. We took away the mainsail, and we were surfing along with only the headsail. We had our first gust over 30 knots, but the boat handled it really well and it didn’t keep us busy. We set the hydrovane to steer the boat on the headsail, and it only needed minor adjusting over the day. We got sprayed by waves just as we least expect it..

It took until noon before the wind had decreased enough to raise the main again. Once we got round to doing it, the boat started accelerating to 10 knots immediately. Woohoooooooo (tears in my eyes from the speed)!

Our lure loss is getting ridiculous, four lures in only two days! We still had a couple of nice, big hooks so we called for a lure competition. Martijn got to it right away and fabricated a lovely ’squish’, which is something in-between a squid and a fish. He made a little skirt of red rope for it, and the body is made of wood. He finished it off with red spinnaker tape and reflecting tape to make it look legit. When the sun started to set, we threw the creation overboard and.. it only took half an hour for a fish to bite! We hooked a lovely mahi mahi.

Martijn learned how to kill, gut and fillet a fish and we were done right on time to put it in the oven for dinner. Yum!! Whilst I was cleaning up the cockpit from the murder that had been taking place, I lost my focus and let go of the bucket to scoop up water. It sank immediately. Our favourite bucket! It was so nice, light and small! And it’s plastic, so it will take forever to decompose.. Ugh. 

We will miss you, favourite green bucket

While I was still getting over the loss of my favourite bucket, another drama was taking place downstairs. We had been searching for the spatula high and low, but couldn’t find it anywhere. As Martijn put the fish in the oven, the saloon filled with a smell of burnt plastic. Found the spatula.. it was melted inside the oven!

As dramas come in three, we’re waiting for what to happen next..

I finished reading my Saskia Noort book (don’t remember the titel, they are all the same anyway) and started on Putins biography.  

Pos: 40 51 N, 50 29 W

Miles of the day: 165 (152 towards Ireland)

Miles to go: 1866

Highlight of the day: Hooked a mahi mani!

Drama of the day: I lost our favourite bucket. Found the spatula melted in the oven.

Food: cornflakes for breakfast, pancakes for lunch and fish from the oven with potatoes, carrots and peas for dinner.

Weather: windy and squally in the morning (with a little bit of rain), wind gradually decreases and it turns into another sunny day.

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