AC Day 8: Lost Lures

The day starts out a bit calmer than the night, I even sleep a little bit in the morning. It was kind of a frustrating night, where the current turned against us. That is not supposed to happen, especially not with 2-3 knots. On top of the slow progress, the wind-agains-current situation made for a very choppy night. Sailing against a strong current all day feels a bit like sailing uphill. The boat is powered and working hard, but there is no visible progress. 

After coffee we hoist the mainsail again, to make up for our slow progress. The wind is enough for us to do 7-8 knots easily, which is only 4-5 over ground. Thomas bakes pancakes to lift the spirits (it helps) and we start our day with doing absolutely nothing.

We all get really excited when a dark cloud appears on the horizon, here it is: a squall! The wind picks up to 26 knots, we drop the main and see the dark cloud moving closer. We gather all our buckets in the cockpit and await the rain impatiently. I can’t wait to wash that egg stain out of my shirt. Ben can’t wait to wash that coffee out of his shorts. Oh I might also wash my hair. Thomas delivers his salty sweat pants, soaked during a midnight sail change. Martijn strips to his (only) shorts and is ready for a wash. And then.. it starts to drip. And it stops to drip. We will have to get used to the salt and the stains.

When we all got excited about that never came

After the squall, we all get back to our daily business of doing absolutely nothing. Ben watches movies, Martijn naps, Thomas sings songs along with his iPod and I read. 

During the afternoon we find out that we lost another lure. Are we sailing too fast? Is the fishing line too old? Ben and Thomas decide to make a new setup with one of the last lures and new line. We all spend an hour or two untangling the amazingly long line before the new creation goes overboard. While we enjoy dinner, the line goes of. Within a second we hear it snap and the line snaps off AGAIN with the lure. We don’t only lose our fourth lure, but now there is another fish in the ocean that has a piercing and a looooooong fishing line attached to it. We are so, so sorry Neptune.

Today I am the lucky one who gets to sleep ALL NIGHT. Yes everyone, I go to bed at 00:00 and get to wake up at 9:00. How awesome is that? I will sleep like a baby because I didn’t sleep at all yesterday night. Now I am on shift, typing under the spray hood because its still quite rough outside. I am done now so I can go back to doing absolutely nothing. 

Pos at 2100 UTC: 40 17 N, 53 52 W

Miles of the day: 168 (115 towards Cork, had counter current all day)

Miles to go: 2018

Highlight of the day: eating a fresh, juicy watermelon. Thomas sees thick juicy tuna swimming next to the boat. 

Drama of the day: We lose our third and fourth lure. We have a 2-3 knot counter current all day and night.

Food: pancakes for a late breakfast, watermelon and crisps for lunch, pasta with blue cheese and spinach, courgette, mushroom, union and garlic for dinner.

Weather: sunny, dry with one disappointing squall, 20 knots from the west. Hot. 

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