AC Day 5: The Day After

Yesterday evening, we reefed away the mainsail and since then the conditions have become more and more comfortable (maybe we should have done this sooner!). We are not flying along at 7-8 knots anymore, but therefore we all get a good night sleep and wake up to a nice day. The sun is out, waves have gone down and I am hungry, thirsty and not digging the state of the boat. Time for a little cleanup!

Once we’re all awake and fed with scrambled eggs on toast and coffee, we get to washing dishes and drying out all the wet clothes that have gone stinky. Do you remember the smell of your forgotten bathing suit in your bag after a day on the beach? We try to wash it out in saltwater with soap, and hang everything up to dry. 

We check our messages on the sat phone and a nice message rolls in from Thomas’ father, who keeps us updated on the NOAA (National Hurricane Center of the Atlantic) messages: no storms or hurricanes forming in the coming 5 days! That’s what we like 🙂 

Because of Beryl and Chris, the past tropical storm and hurricane, the Gulf Stream is all over the place. We are following coordinates where the current is supposed to be the strongest, but its more like a patch here, some countercurrent, more countercurrent, a patch there. We decided that its not worth making such a big detour for, and bend off towards the north. We set our waypoint to Cork in Ireland: 2400 something miles left! At least we are now making progress in the right direction (northeast) instead of just east towards the Azores.

It turns out to be an amazing day, I finally finish my book ‘Judas’ and start on something lighter from Liane Moriarty which I found in the laundrette in Port Washington. Way more appropriate to lift the mood. We chill out in the cockpit all day, read books, play games, listen to music and enjoy our awesome day of sailing. We also see that a low-wind system is catching up with us, so we keep hoisting more and more sail to keep doing our 6+ knots.

Martijn is cooking today and makes nice toast sandwiches for lunch and cooks the last fresh chicken for dinner. Yay, now we can turn off the fridge at night and we can go ahead and catch some fish!! We open up the whisky Martijn gave us and have sundowners. It is an exceptionally pretty one again. I am the lucky chef of tomorrow and have shifts from 18:00-21:00 and 6:00 to 9:00, so I sleep the full night with a little break to set the spinnaker pole. It is a very pretty night again, with stars and loads of bioluminescence.

Pos: 38 36 N, 62 50 W

Miles of the day: 158 (150 towards Cork)

Miles to go: 2432

Highlight of the day: A really nice, fast and relaxing day!

Drama of the day: I poor boiling water all over Martijns bed while trying to make coffee, luckily I get spared of burns

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