AC Day 4: Bumpy Ride

It has been a slow start on Scehawk today. None of us slept really well, or should I say we didn’t sleep at all. The weather is grey, we feel the hot air of the Gulf Steam mixing with the cold of the northerly wind. It makes for a weird climate. During the day, clouds fill up the horizon as the wind turns east and warms up.

We didn’t have a proper breakfast or lunch, everyone just lies around, snacks and reads books. Martijn stopped taking seasickness tablets and is feeling great. Thomas and I are taking them again and not feeling great. Ben is hiding in his bunk watching movie after movie. Every half an hour or so, a big wave splashes over the back of the boat and soaking the helmsmen. 

I finally finished ‘Judas’ about a dutch criminal family. What a depressing book to read at sea. It has been four days since our last shower on our departure day. We begin feeling dirty, but can’t bring up enough motivation to strip down on deck and take bucket showers.

We are still in the Gulf Stream, which is still bumpy as hell. We try to sail along the southern side of it, because we heard say that the waves are better there. We are also quite close to Beryl, so we try to use the changing winds and set the hydrovane so it will lead us around the low pressure instead of taking us into even stronger winds. 

Behind us, our friends on Matenka are having a windless passage. They have to motor quite a lot and their sailing hasn’t been quick at all. I think we all prefer speed over comfort, so we just suck it up and enjoy our speedy passage. On Thursday, there is a big weather system coming with strong winds until 60 degrees W, which is still 420 miles from where we are today. So we have 3,5 days for 420 miles, 120 miles a day. That should be easily possible, I think today we’re doing a 24-hour record on Scehawk (current record is 179 miles on our southern crossing)!

We keep sailing way too close to Beryl, and although we expect the conditions to become calmer every minute, it just doesn’t happen. We are all annoyed by being thrown around, nobody wants to cook or eat anything. 

On a scarce moment that all of us are up and in the cockpit, a monster wave makes its way onto the boat, into the spray hood and all the way down below on the navigation table. I am sitting in the companionway and am completely soaked, although this is supposed to be the dry hideout. This is the cue to have a go at the bucket showers, we are drenched now anyway. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.34.04

Pos: 38 05 N, 66 04 W

Miles of the day: 176, 140 towards Cork

Miles to go: 2582 NM

Drama of the day: Hydrovane keeps unscrewing, we hate the waves

Highlight of the day: Taking showers

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