AC Day 3: Gulf Stream Ahead!

We had an early start on Scehawk, and thanks to our nightcaps of yesterday (sea sickness pills with a glass of red) we had a great night of sleep. We started the day out healthy with a fruit salad, especially the bananas need to be eaten any day now. We hoist the sails and tack out of our ‘heave to’ situation: we’re on the move again! We drifted 23 miles back in 24 hours, which is not too bad. 


We sailed towards our first waypoint in the Gulf Stream again. Beryl seemed to be moving slower than we expected and we got some quite strong winds the whole day, tailwinds of the storm. The wind needed to turn from E to N before we could enter the Gulf Stream, other ways we would have a wind against current situation (with dangerous waves) so we ended up sailing a lot further north, waiting for the wind to turn. Time to get into the current!

We had high expectations, as our previous experience with the Gulf Stream had only been amazing. This time it was a lot bumpier, probably thanks to Beryl the tropical storm that we were only 120 miles away from. We expected the winds to die overnight, but they didn’t and we had to deal with strong wind and breaking waves all night. 

Helmut showed to be a trooper once again and steered us through the waves. The force on its brackets was so big that the screws start to get undone, so Thomas has to give them a turn every couple of hours. We all look forward to our Gulf Stream showers tomorrow (28,5 degrees water, woohoo!).

Once we properly hit the Gulf Stream we were flying along with speeds of 11 knots consistent, 7,5 boat speed plus 3,5 current. And that with maximum reefed sails! We keep being on the edge of bad weather, and keep thinking our trimming is on the edge as well and we need to take the main sail away. But then Helmut doesn’t steer so well, so we let the boat be fully powered and keep a close eye on the windmeter. 

Position: 38 42 N, 70 09 W.

Miles of the day: 62 (thanks to heaving to for 24 hours)

Miles to go towards Cork: 2722

Highlight of the day: entering the Gulf Stream!

Drama of the day: Big breaking waves in the cockpit, soaking us and Thomas’ iPod.. (but it didn’t break!). I spill dirty salty dishwashing water into Bens hatch so it soaks his bed.

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