Atlantic Crossing Preparations

The reason why we had to delay our departure was a tropical storm hanging just off the coast of North Carolina. It wasn’t moving, just gaining strength and steadily growing into the hurricane called ‘Chris’. Chris would make its move by July the 9th, succeeded by a little brother called Beryl, another tropical depression which would be the one we would follow out of New York. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 09.39.52

We had two options, either we would leave from Essex on the Eastside of the Long Island Sound, or we would sail back to New York and depart from there. New York was actually a bit of a detour, but we still preferred it over waiting around in Essex. We loved to take the boat back through the East River and moor in the Hudson for a day. So we sailed back to New York overnight, made a pitstop in Port Washington for some groceries and were off to the legendary mooring field on 79th Street right next to Central Park.

Sailing back into the East River, it is crucial to get the tides right. On the way up, we got a current of 5,5 knots through ‘Hells Gate’, which we basically can’t motor against. We were a bit sleep deprived because of the overnight sail, and somehow I got the tides very wrong. We noticed just before Hells Gate, luckily, and had to anchor just under the landing strip of JFK International Airport to wait for the tide to change again. We set off when the sun started to set, and had an amazing sunset sail through the east river. Its one of the most impressive sceneries you can imagine, looking through the grid structured streets with famous high-rise buildings is just breath taking. It felt like a proper goodbye of the USA after two months of sailing.

We took a mooring on 79th Street in the Hudson right next to Matenka, and enjoyed the skyline from the cockpit. What an amazing city.. and what a way to sail out tomorrow! We all felt ready, we had been ready for a week, the boat was stocked up and we are excited to find out what that North Atlantic has in store for us. The boat is in better shape than ever, so lets bring it on!

I will publish the crossing day-by-day again, wish us fair winds and cross your fingers that we don’t end up in a storm!

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