Long Island Sound

After a couple of unbearably hot days in Port Washington, we were joined by Ben and Martijn. They will join us across the Atlantic to (hopefully) Ireland! The flight of Martijn was cancelled and rescheduled from the 3rd to the 4th of July, so we met him in Manhattan where we joined Matenka for the fireworks. His flight was not only delayed, but also his luggage didn’t arrive. A small drama, as we originally thought we would leave for the ocean the day after. 


I expected the 4th of July in America to be a bit like Kings Day in Holland: everyone has a day off, dressed up and enjoying parties and the sun. It wasn’t like that at all! Many stores were open, streets were a bit deserted and the only real event seemed to be the fireworks in the evening. We found our friends Ella and Mike on a mooring at the 79th Street Boat Basin (in the Hudson just outside Central Park!) and joined them on their boat. We all sailed down to the Statue of Liberty, anchored and enjoyed an unreal sunset aboard. Later that evening there were two fireworks shows, one on the East River and one on the Hudson which we could both see, together with the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan.


Looking at the weather, we decided it wasn’t wise to leave the 5th of July. It wasn’t only a Friday (don’t leave port on a Friday!) but there was also a nasty low pressure system building up in the Atlantic. The Hurricane Center gave a warning that this low might develop into a tropical storm, or even a hurricane. We don’t want to be at sea in those conditions, so both Matenka and us decided to wait it out. It gave us a couple of days to sail with our new crew and a bit of time to deal with Martijns missing bag.

Weather forecast on Friday..
Hurricane Chris and our projected path towards Europe..

Because we were all prepared and ready to go, and the devastating heat of Port Washington, we decided to set sail into the Long Island Sound. This protected water reaches roughly from Boston to New York, and was a great playground for Martijn and Ben to get to know the boat. We sailed northeast in perfect conditions: no waves, sunshine, a bit of wind to play around with the gennaker and spinnaker pole. We reached Essex, where we anchored for a couple of nights. 


Martijn rented a car to chase down his missing bag. We all were coming along on the road trip, which would take us along some interesting architecture as well. We were to be picked up by the rental car company, but couldn’t find the lady anywhere in town. We walked from marina to marina, and back to the first marina until we got a hold of the sweat-drenched stressed-out girl that was waiting for us in the office there. ‘OMG I am literally SO sorry, this is like, my worst day at work EVER, I will feel bad about this for at least a week, I am SO upgrading you to a nice car’. Off we drove with a jeep convertible. 

On our way to the airport we visited SANAA and Philip Johnson architecture. We had a nice walk outside, one of our last before the crossing, and finally got to the airport to pick up the bag. Martijn had received a text message that morning from the airline that his bag was on its way, but the text didn’t mention that the bag was on its way to.. Oslo. We had to drive for 2 hours, and to wait for 2 more to find that out. So, we drove all the way back to the boat empty handed and went shopping the next day.


While we still had the car, we split up and Martijn bought offshore sailing clothes in an outlet store while we got Martijn some basic clothes and filled up our reserves on milk and perishables for the crossing. Martijn handed the car back right in time, and we sailed back to New York for our grande departure.

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