We didn’t have too many plans for the Bahamas, except for the visa interview. We love this new freedom of having absolutely no appointments to keep, and took our cruising in the Bahamas day by day. Our polish friends on Matenka had googled ’10 best anchorages of the Exumas’ and that (together with a thorough depth investigation) basically summed up our trip preparation.

After two days of (motor)sailing in low wind and a quick stopover at the Highborne Cut again, we dropped anchor in Wardrick Wells. This enormous bay is very flat and protected. We came in on a low tide and dropped our anchor when we had 30 cm under the keel. We had never dared to do this anywhere else, but the water was so flat and the bottom was soft so we felt very safe with our one foot margin. Wardrick Wells was one of the ’10 best anchorages of the Exumas’ and a real Bahamian beauty. Almost no other boats around, the beaches deserted and some great snorkelling spots. Sorry if it rains in Europe, because it really looks like this on the Exumas.

Our next and real excitement was about Pig Beach, where we sailed to the next day. This beach, close to Staniel Cay, is famous for its population of friendly swimming pigs. We drove our dinghy up to the beach with some old bread and enjoyed some cuddling with these amazing animals. I thing a pig would make an awesome boat pet (ok maybe not a big bear, but one of these small ones?).

The waters around Staniel Cay were full of nurse sharks, which were a joy to watch from the dinghy. Thomas tried to reassure me that they weren’t interested in test-biting me, but I still was hesitant to go in the water there. I was quite proud of myself for conquering my fear and go for a snorkel in the Thunderball Grotto. That is a cave where one of the James Bond movies was filmed, with amazing light and loads of fish inside. There were also loads of tourists, so I took my chances (safety in numbers). It was amazing, one of the most beautiful spots we snorkelled so far!

On our way back north to Nassau we passed another great snorkelling spot: a wrecked plane which was supposedly crashed by a drunk drug smuggler. It lies in 3 metres of water and we could anchor right next to it. We met another boat that we knew from Nassau, which is such a coincidence when you know how enormous the Bahamas are! When the wind picked up we sailed across the Bahama Bank for the third and last time to our last blue-water destination for a while: Rose Island next to Nassau.


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