A Perfect Day in the BVI’s

Before setting sail, we imagined every day would be sightseeing, relaxing on pretty beaches, swimming in blue water and sailing in sunny, dry weather. A few months into our voyage, we realise these days are much rarer than expected! But now and then, such a perfect day occurs.

The day started at sunrise, as Thomas loves waking up with the sun (not really, but once out of bed with a coffee in his hands he can appreciate it). We lifted anchor and sailed to the Baths, an easy 10 NM sail in a fresh breeze. Our friends Mona and Matthieu joined on their catamaran Media Luna. They went through the effort of hoisting the main sail for the short sail, so they were zipping past us despite a much later start. We were, once again, too lazy to take the sail cover off and sailed on the headsail only. I promise, we’re putting more effort into sailing in the next few posts. We picked up a mooring – we didn’t fight for it because everyone was civil and there were plenty of empty moorings.

We swam ashore, which was quite the challenge with big breaking waves and strong currents. Because we were so early, the place was still deserted. Maybe also because a red flag was raised, which means ‘do not swim ashore’.. But we were fine and enjoyed an hour or so of exploring without other tourists around.

We went back to the boat and had a lazy lunch, after which we planned to go to Road Town in Tortola to do our visa trip to the USVI. It was a bit sad leaving the BVI’s already and the weather didn’t look too good for our crossing to Puerto Rico in two days. We decided to postpone our plans a day and join Mona and Matthieu on their way to Peter Island. A bonus day in the BVI’s!

We sailed to Deadmans Bay on Peter Island, which was one of the prettiest bays we’ve ever seen. It used to be part of an exclusive resort, but since the hurricane ripped through the resort was deserted and we could even go on land. It was amazing for snorkelling, with a few shallow and a few deeper reefs. And the beach was just paradise. Thomas learned how to make a lobster trap and fish for lobster (my expectations are high) and we had our first Caribbean lobster dinner onboard Media Luna. I think we need a barbecue as well..

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