Guadeloupe Once More

We tried to make the most of our situation of being stuck in a boat yard for repairs. The boat yard in Pointe-a-Pitre is a really nice one, where owners are actually encouraged to work and stay on their boats instead of the shoo-shoo policy we experienced in Torrevieja in Spain. So while the welder was busy with our bow and the polyester guy was working his magic on the anchor locker we picked up some projects ourselves as well.

We rebedded all the chainplates, windows and window screws and did some small projects as replacing an old water hose, sewing a canvas protector for the mast boot and bought a new anchor.

In the meantime we also took some time for an occasional dip in the ocean and think about our future. We didn’t plan much beyond our Atlantic Crossing, and with the few months we have left in mind we are seriously planning our way back and the end of this journey. Where will we work? Where do we want to live? Where will we put the boat? It was a good moment to make some decisions.

We decided that if we ever want to work for ourselves, now would be the perfect time to start. We have a good opportunity to work for and with my father: he has enough to do, an office with space for us and we also have some ideas for acquiring work ourselves. We are really excited about it and we got into the strange and unknown custom of dreaming about work.. but first there is so much more of the Caribbean to see!

The polyester guy who worked on our boat was a local sailor himself and decided on a route for us. We definitely shouldn’t miss Marie Galante, Nevis, St Kitts and Saba. So, that was where we were headed! Marie Galante is an island just south of where we were, and we anchored there in an absolute dream bay. When the night fell, all the other boats left and we were the only ones in paradise! The water is super clear, there is a sandy bottom and a nice hike ashore.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 21.49.16

Then the wind completely died down, even the rough passage between Les Saints and Guadeloupe, which we had done twice in horrible weather, was so calm we had to motor all the way to Deshaies. Deshaies is also a dreamy anchorage with a nice beach, clear water and many other cruisers.

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