The first evening back on land Basti and Caro treated us to a Caribbean dinner in a restaurant in St. Georges. The restaurant owner had had one rum too many, and we suspected his son manning the bar was on a mission to intoxicate the guests so it wouldn’t be noticed. We left the establishment giggling and unstable on our still-wavey feet. We knew there was this big, spectacular New Years Eve firework planned, so we tried to stay awake. During the music festival leading up to the fireworks we got rained on so heavily that we decided to watch it ‘from the boat’. Yeah right, so close to bed.. Thomas and I fell asleep at 23:30, and just missed everything. Basti and Caro managed to stay up and captured the whole show on camera for us. It was great sleeping a whole night without the ‘Evelien, wake up, it’s 3:00, it’s your shift now!’..

We slept in, checked in with authorities and enjoyed a slow day catching up with the internet. Nothing was open anyway, so that was convenient. To be honest, Thomas and I didn’t plan much further than the ocean crossing and didn’t read up on things to do in Grenada. Luckily Caro was all prepared so we just followed her around. So convenient when someone else is planning the trip for a change!

We rented a car in the most awesome garage we’d ever seen full of piles of car parts of all sorts. We were the lucky few who got to drive their pride and joy: a Toyota Noah, aka pussy magnet. Basti took a place behind the wheel and bravely started the first left sided driving of his life. He is a natural, we only had to remind him about it once.

Grenada is a very lush tropical island, with thick green vegetation everywhere. People live in little and brightly coloured houses, mostly made of wood or bricks. Everyone seems to take really good care of their homes and environment, there was hardly any garbage lying around and the houses look maintained and freshly painted. The communities are small. There are many roadside shops, usually not bigger than a few square metres, selling bananas, avocados and cell phone credit.

We drove around the island visiting a spice garden, as Grenada is called ‘the spice island’. Just about every plant seems to like the soil in Grenada, so all the tricky and expensive spices thrive here. We got to suck on some cacao beans and got to see how koriander is grown (yay for Thomas, who hates this ‘devils herb’).

After being educated on jungle botanics, Basti drove the pussy magnet to the Seven Sister waterfalls. A slippery mud trail leads up to the first two, and we were guided by a young local guy. We were very reluctant to take on a ‘free guide’ as guides never come for free, but decided that we were interested in what he had to say and decided in advance we would pay him anyway. He led us to the waterfalls where we got to swim in and jump down from. There was a ‘small’ waterfall to start with, and afterwards he offered to take us to a bigger one. Basti and I happily declined, as the ‘small’ one was all we were up for, but Thomas and Caro jumped the big one. So glad I stayed behind.. Look at that.

As a tour finish we drove by a rum distillery, which was just closing up. We walked around the beautiful old fashioned premises and watched some men at work at keeping the distilling fire (pretty sure that’s not what its called officially) going.


Our stay in the marina had come to an end and we hastily stocked up on some fresh food in the last hours we still had the rental car. The prices here are very Swiss, everything is way more expensive than I expected. We spent 60 euros on laundry alone!

After a good rest in St. George we felt ready to get out in the water again and explore the Caribbean.


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