Arrival day: LAND HO!!

Around 2:00 at night Thomas spotted land! He woke everyone up to see the lights of Grenada. We were about 15 miles away from the south of the island, and had slowed down to 4 knots to arrive to our waypoint around sunrise. We all had a surprisingly good afternoon and night of sleep, because of the wind and rain of yesterday we all just stayed inside as much as possible and napped the day away.

We were joined by Dolf around midnight, a black bird with a white stripe on his head. He looks like the evil bird of Alfred J. Kwak (hence the name). He had landed on the bow on the boat, but he had some trouble with getting his sea legs. After a while he fell into the ocean.. Poor bird. But he came out of it more alert, landed on the stern and practiced some ninja focus in not falling overboard again. It was such a funny sight, seeing this bird tipping to the front and the back at every wave. He was not afraid of us at all.


At sunrise we all got up, made coffee and enjoyed the sight of Grenada coming closer. It was a cloudy, drizzly morning. As we turned around the island, we could finally sail a halfwind course again. The waves and wind decreased and we arrived at the capital of the island, St. George, under motor. There are two marinas here, but we couldn’t get contact with any of them. So we just did a slow tour around the marinas, trying to find a berth or a waiting pontoon. When we got no response we docked the boat at an empty super yacht slip at 8:45.


It took us (almost precisely) 15 days, 60 daylight shifts, 60 night shifts and 40 engine hours! We used ca. 70 L of diesel (150 L left), 300 L of water (200 L still left), 1,5 gas bottle (1,5 still left) and had to run the engine 2 hours a day for electricity (accounting for 3/4 of the engine hours and diesel).

We couldn’t get into the marina, but were lucky enough to get a spot at 16:00. Perfect for New Years Eve! We treated ourselves to some nice Caribbean food and rumpunch before crashing into a wet bed (note to self: don’t leave the hatches open in the tropics). It might or might not have been before 0:00..

Miles the day: 100 NM

Highlight of the day: Getting into the Port Louis Marina!

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