Day 15: Almost there!

Somehow this day was missing in my daily logs as well as our photos. Strange, a last day at sea at such a long crossing should be memorable, right?

We’ve all been thinking long and hard trying to recall day fifteen (now, more than a week later). We remember that it was a day with nice wind, but we had to slow down to 5 knots not to arrive in Grenada at the night. We were all a bit frustrated because we could have been moving much faster. We only had the reefed headsail out. It rained almost all day, so we rotated shifts outside and stayed inside as much as possible. Everything was wet after a while. The rain streamed down the mast filling up the bilges. After a shift outside our wet weather gear was wet and it was very unpleasant getting into the wet clothes the next shift. As a last dinner we ate cup noodles.

Around midnight it stopped raining and we all got a nice, enjoyable last nightshift.

Miles of the day: 156 NM

Coordinates: 12º15.39 N, 57º26.49 W

Highlight of the day: When it stopped raining during the night

Drama of the day: The mast and stays are leaking where they are going through the deck.

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