Day 14: Boats and birds

The fix of the autopilot seems to be holding up, so thats good news! The night was a bit more comfortable and we all slept really well. Like most of the nights during the crossing, we didn’t have to do anything during the night. We rotated night watches without having to alter course, reef or avoid ships.

The day was very cloudy, but it didn’t rain. We all relaxed outside, read some books, had showers and Thomas and I even did a little clean-up of the kitchen and bathroom. We are slowly getting into ‘shallower’ water (today we went from 5000 to 2000 meters of depth) and that confuses the waves a little bit. They are very high and steep and the boat seems to be rolling even more than before. Almost everyone is getting a bit fed up with the waves, I guess I am the only one who would opt for a few more days at sea!

We are getting close to Barbados now, and in only 2 days we will be in Grenada. It feels like we already accomplished a lot. But we’re not there yet! With 250 miles to go its still a longer sail than any passage we did in the Med. If we don’t want to arrive at night we are going to have to slow down. Although its already the second day on the reefed headsail, we are still sailing more than 150 miles a day.

Thomas baked some delicious dark Ikea bread. They sell that in a milk carton, you only add water and get the most amazing black bread. A real mood lifter for everyone on board! We also got some herring in mustard sauce (also from Ikea) which goes really well with the bread. Yum!

We also almost caught a fish, a really heavy one, but it got off the line before we could get it into the boat. We’re having a discussion on who has to kill the next fish. Nobody wants to, and Thomas is a lot stronger than the rest of us so he always has to do it. But he feels horrible about it, which I can understand. Maybe I’ll try next time (but probably Thomas has to finish it, those fish are real tough!).

In the afternoon, we saw a fisher boat pass by really close. It was a bit of a shock, it was so small that it disappeared completely in the waves and we hadn’t noticed it until it passed us. We are also starting to see more birds. In the night we will pass under Barbados, but within a 50 mile distance. Fishermen seem to come out this far, it would be a busy night!

Miles of the day: 156 NM

Coordinates: 12º57.58 N, 57º26.49 W

Highlight of the day: We started seeing other boats

Drama of the day: Lost the doormat to the sea..

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