Day 11: Aftermath of the freak wave

The waves are still high but the wind decreased a little bit.


The less fresh food we have, the more I think about food. Yesterday, somehow I thought of krentenbollen (dutch raisin bread) with butter and cheese and I just couldn’t think about anything else anymore. Man I would have killed to get a krentenbol. Basti’s mom came to the rescue because she had packed him a christstollen (kerststol, another kind of raisin bread) which we ate with loads of butter. The most important questions of the day are: ‘Whats for lunch?’ And: ‘Whats for dinner?’. I keep on going through our provisions in my mind and thinking about what I can cook the day after tomorrow. I think its going to be lasagna. Yum.


Today was a bit of a ‘day after’ of yesterdays flooding disaster. Where I was most concerned about the wet bed at first, that turned out to be the least of our problems. The camera of Basti and Caro had been in rice overnight, but still didn’t work. A real bummer, since it’s a very expensive one and now they can’t make any more pictures of the trip! Also Thomas’ iPod didn’t survive. That was a real mood downer today, most of the day we just did our shifts, ate, laid down below, and we were even not motivated enough to cash in shower day. We’ll just shower tomorrow..

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 18.38.03

Thomas cooked hot dogs in bread dough for lunch (with sauerkraut and fried unions) and pizza for dinner. We managed to break two more plates, of which the glass plate broke in the galley. Thomas stepped into the mess and had a bloody foot as well. We also have plastic plates on board, we should definitely just use these!

Miles of the day: 162 NM

Coordinates: 13º43.85 N, 49º15.18 W

Highlight of the day: A game of sea battle! Until I got seasick.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 18.41.23

Drama of the day: Two broken plates, a broken iPod and camera.

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