Day 8: Wildlife at sea

The day started with a bloodbath in the middle of the night. While I was getting ready for my nightshift at 03:00 I stepped in one of the glass splinters of the broken plate and it bled dramatically. Our new doormat is now not only covered with chunks of yesterdays pizza, but also with large quantities of my blood.

Throughout the night we kept a close eye on Helmut the hydrovane. Because of sailing wing on wing with increasing winds we have to make sure we stay between 180 and 150 degrees apparent wind angle. If we get outside of this little range, either the main starts slamming or the headsail starts flapping. Thats not good for the rig and our night peace so we try to avoid that at all cost!

I had an amazing nightshift. It was not very extraordinary, except for the bloody start of it, but it was just great. I saw loads of falling stars. Some falling stars are so bright that they leave a line of light in the air that stays there of what feels like minutes. I listened to old music on my iPod and some podcasts (TED Radio Hour, awesome!) and it all stayed relatively exciting because of rapidly passing dark clouds and attention Helmut asked of me. Three hours flew by and I was almost disappointed to go back to bed again.

When the waves got too big and the winds started to exceed 20 knots this morning, Basti took to hand steering. He was loving it. Thomas and Caro also took turns while I fled to the galley and baked a bread. Was a very nice bread, if I may say it myself. I used 1/2 sea water and half multigrain flour. So proud!

Accidentally threw a plate in the sea whilst throwing out dish washing water.. This crossing has cost us three plates already, if we go on in this rate we are going to have to share plates in a few days 🙂

During the morning, while we were all focussed on the waves and hand steering the boat we saw pilot whales. This is the first time we saw wildlife beside heaps of flying fish and ‘wifi-birds’, white birds with an enormous tail which looks like an antenna. We imagine that if they come close enough to the boat we will have access to the internet (going crazy after a week at sea already). The wi-fi birds took their advantage and shit all over the transparant parts of the spray hood. We imagined that they had been holding up since leaving land and now they could finally unload upon the first vessel they passed. Quite impressive in this huge open empty ocean, to shit exactly on our little windows.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 18.46.00

During the afternoon we heard another boat on the radio. Later, we saw it! We called it via VHF and found out that they are also heading for Grenada. They had already seen us in Mindelo, which means they are sailing about the same speed as us. It somehow got us all very exciting..

Tomorrow is halfway day and Christmas Eve!

Miles of the day: 150 NM

Coordinates: 14º06.99 N, 41º02.08 W

Highlight of the day: saw pilot whales and another sailboat!

Drama of the day: stepped into a glass splinter and bled all over the floor and stairs.

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