Day 7: Calm seas and food waste

For breakfast we had bread that Caro prepared yesterday. She made the loafs with only sea water, so they turned out very salty.. But we ate it anyway, we need salt because we sweat all day.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.15.50

We chilled, showered, cleaned the dishes, ate some watermelon and read books. We have a bit less wind then yesterday, but because we sailed with both sails out through the night we made more progress then the past days. We are getting more confident everyday with downwind sailing! Its nice to make more progress, it felt a bit slow doing only 120 miles a day..

We are throwing away way too much food. We bought a lot of fresh veggies and fruits in Mindelo, washed it all and stowed in nets. The second day, the papayas and tomatoes started going bad. Then the carrots, oranges and even the cabbage went before we could eat it. I feel really bad about it, I hate throwing away food! What we also didn’t take into account, is that we really didn’t feel like cooking the first few days on the ocean. It was even too much to peel a papaya, so everything just laid there until we got our sea legs (and then it was too late!). Today we also threw away four loafs of toast (we only ate one!). Thats just sad, but we won’t starve because we have more than enough flour and yeast to bake some fresh breads (with 1/2 seawater and 1/2 fresh water this time).

fruit and veg

We started on the second water tank, we used about 100 L of water in the first six days. Thats about 4 L per person per day. Pretty good!

Today we also altered our watch schedule again. Caro takes a fixed day- and evening shift, and Thomas, Basti and me rotate the other day-, night- and cooking shifts. This is better for all of us, as Caro gets sea sick and a bit anxious at night and we had to be present during her shifts anyway. Now, instead of 6 hours shift and six hours of sleep, we only do 3 hours of shift and six hours of sleep. And  Caro gets to sleep from 21:00 until the next morning. She is feeling bad about not being able to participate, but there is nothing she can do about being sea sick. We also felt anxious the first nights at sea, so we can totally understand that she is overwhelmed. I hope this new schedule gets her a bit more relaxed, after all its also very important that everyone has a good time! And we’re just so happy that they came with us, I can’t imagine doing this crossing with only the two of us.

We had pizza for dinner, after cleaning up the refrigerator (half a glass of sauerkraut leaked all over everything, smells nice though). During the bumpy preparations of dinner, a plate broke and since our plates are from glass it shattered all over the galley. You’re probably thinking: why bring glass plates on a sailboat? Good question. They are exceptionally tough though, four plates fell on the floor and only one broke.

Miles of the day: 150 NM

Coordinates: 14º45.53 N, 38º26.82 W

Highlight of the day: the sea was so calm we got to play a card game.

Drama of the day: a broken plate and we lost our favourite deck brush to the sea.. Below a picture of our favourite brush in Mindelo. Loved it.

favorite brush

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