Day 6: Good spirits on board

The trade winds were there to stay and our relaxed, high speed downwind sailing has begun! The crew is in good spirits, especially Basti is really excited after the rain and bad weather of yesterday. Right before the rain he claimed that he was ready for some bad weather, and then he got his wishes fulfilled. He is on a real high ever since. Or did he spice up his coffee..?


The morning was pretty relaxed, the sun was out again and everyone was reading, sleeping and fixing stuff (Thomas). During the rain I was down below trying to sleep in the saloon when I got showered on as well. We found out that the connection between the mast and the deck probably leaks, spreading water through the ceiling and onto the saloon bed. When everything dried this morning, Thomas went to the rescue with duct tape (no WD40 needed this time).

We are making good progress, ever since hoisting the main this morning we are doing 6.5 knots average. The waves are pretty big, causing Caro to get a bit seasick again. She was feeling better in the afternoon after some hotdogs and made sourdough bread!


If we keep this speed we’ll arrive in Grenada before New Years Eve!

Milage of the day: 136 NM

Coordinates: 15º27.96 N, 35º56.25 W

Highlight of the day: Hotdogs with sauerkraut for lunch!

Drama of the day: the batteries seem to be acting a bit weird, saying that they are fully charged when also only giving a voltage of 12.4 (just over half full).

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