Day 5: Hitting the trade winds

Progress was very slow throughout the night, just under 4 knots. We had 5-9 knot wind, sometimes gusting up to 14 knots. It was a bit of a battle to stay on course, but by sunrise the wind got stronger and Thomas and Basti hoisted the main to sail wing on wing. Now we’re moving again!

Today is my day to cook. I feel much better than during my last cooking day, so there is a loaf of bread in the oven and I’ll start on dinner (curry with the rest of the fish and some vegetables that need to go) right after.

Today is also a shower day, yay! We are still on our first water tank, I hope we can still use that today for the whole day. Than we will have 100 L/5 days/4 pers= 5L pppd. Thats super good!

We got a weather update from Jon yesterday via the satellite phone. The wind is supposed to get stronger during the next days. We celebrated this good news with sundowners and music in the cockpit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 23.18.46

After dinner, the weather started to change. We saw dark fronts all around us and the wind changed direction. The boys got excited and got into their wet weather gear, while Caro and I went to bed because we had the night shifts. Thomas and I agreed to do double shifts with Caro and Basti, taking into account that this would probably be a night with little sleep..

A number of squalls hit the boat, bringing only rain but no wind. The wind changed direction and strength all the time and we cheated our way out of it on the engine. When I got up for my night shift I got completely soaked in a few minutes as well. I squeezed everything there was out of the wind, before taking down the sails and motoring an hour or so to get out of it. When Caro got up for her nightshift, we waited about half an hour before the wind got stable and we furled out the headsail again. The wind that followed was a steady 15-20 knot trade wind and stayed the rest of the night and the next day, yay!

After six hours in wet clothes, we woke up the boys for their night shift and finally got some sleep.

Milage of the day: 122 NM

Coordinates: 16º02.54 N, 31º36.12 W

Highlight of the day: We finally found stable wind!

Drama of the day: My e-book won’t open anymore, and I was only at 15% of the book and really enjoying it. Caro hurt her foot on the traveller.

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