Day 4: Slow Sailing

Everyone is up on deck! This night during Basti’s shift from 0:00 to 03:00 he has had an amazing cloud-free starry night from horizon to horizon. Its new moon, so the night was very dark. When I was on deck during the next watch, the sky rapidly filled with mean looking clouds. I reefed, tidied up the cockpit and hid under the spray hood for the rain. Thomas had the real shower in the shift that followed.

Now the sun is out, filling our batteries with electricity (or at least: not draining it any further). The course we are sailing is a bit difficult, with wing on wing and little wind and big waves slamming us off course. Helmut the hydrovane cannot always keep up.. Helmut needs loads of attention to do his job, but once he is set up right we have an extra crew member who steers the boat without needing food, water or electricity. He’s just loyal like that, he runs on TLC.

Our fruits and veggies are starting to deteriorate. The tomatoes have taken a real beating and we had to throw a few out. We also bought loads of fruit for Caro, but as she hasn’t been able to eat the last few days it is also going bad. She is trying her best to catch up!

I made a new watch keeping schedule including Caro. We are taking 3 hour shifts, and the person cooking gets a shift less on watch, also causing the watches to rotate. We also altered the time, with an extra long nightshift for me. Now the sun is rising at 06:00 and setting at 18:00 again. We are a bit slow and want to make up for downtime by using all the daylight there is: setting the full sails at 06:00 and reefing down at 18:00. We also calculated if we are faster if we go off-course. I took out the good old Casio and concluded that it doesn’t make sense. So we’ll stick to our slower dead-downwind course!

The wind died in the evening and the sails started banging so bad that we took them down and motored for two hours (also to fill the batteries). We rolled out the headsail for the night again, but progress was sooo slow. Average under 4 knots..

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.13.19

We caught another mahi mahi (dorade)!

We ate fried fish with potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes from the oven. We got the gas working again, it was just not connected properly. Now we can cook again!

Milage of the day: 122 NM

Coordinates at noon: 16º02.54 N, 31º36.12 W

Highlight of the day: Having everyone on deck again, Caro is feeling much better!

Drama of the day: Thomas broke the microphone off the camera. He also noticed to lines chafing through on the spinnaker boom and took measures to avoid it in the future. Thomas cut his finger when killing the mahi mahi. For a short instance, he thought he had cut off his finger. Luckily it was only a small cut!

Catch of the day: Mahi mahi

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