Day 3: Getting sea legs

Note: this post is typical for one of the first days at sea. Short. Its takes the whole day to get basic things done: eating, dishes and rotating watches. There was no energy left to write something interesting.. I remember it took two days to collect enough courage and motivation to fix the log. That is a little wheel underneath the hull of the boat which tracks the speed and distance through the water. It needs cleaning now and then. This is a five minute job: unplugging a sensor in the hull and screwing another plug on quickly before too much water comes in through the hole. Cleaning the sensor, screwing it back on, done. But it has to be done down below so we were really dreading it. So here we go with the blog entry of day 3:

After being the unlucky cook yesterday, I got lucky with the night shifts and got to sleep from 00.00 to 06.00. Caro did half a nightshift as well, so I could even sleep until 07.30! I felt much, much better than the day before. Everyone seems to be getting into the rhythm of the ocean and feels much better.

We had our first shower – and cleaning day: we cleaned ourselves, the solar panels and the dishes. We take salt water showers where we wash with soap and shampoo. After we’re all done, we rinse off with a little bit of fresh water. We collect this shower water and wash the solar panels with it afterwards. We noticed that the efficiency of the solar panels goes up if we wash them regularly. Showering takes half a day at sea!

Miles of the day: 133 NM

Coordinates: 16º06.63 N, 29º29.03 W

Highlight of the day: The first shower

Drama of the day: We fixed the log! It was full of algae from the harbour in Mindelo. We cleaned it out and dried the bilges. Water seems to be leaking through the sensor hole.. We have to keep an eye on that. We also broke a plate during doing the dishes.

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