Day 2: Feeding the Fish

After the eventful night we were all sleep deprived and pretty much napped through the day. We’re taking 3 hour shifts with Basti, Thomas and me while Caro is too seasick to take shifts. She is able to eat and drink again, and will hopefully feel better in a few days.

We are making a habit of doing the dishes in the cockpit again, exactly like we did on our way to Cape Verde. Its a nice ritual to break the day.

I was the unlucky cook of the day, but after a long struggle in the kitchen I was so seasick I couldn’t keep my food in. Just like Thomas yesterday..

Miles of the day: 128 NM

Coordinates (after 24 hours): 16º22.87 N, 27º11.55 W

Highlight of the day: Napping

Drama of the day: A bit more puking. And the gas seems to have lost its power. Only very little heat is coming out, which makes the hellish task of cooking even more difficult. Thomas fell against the electricity panel and broke off the switches ‘fresh water pump’ and ‘refrigerator’.

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