Atlantic Crossing Day 1: Rough Start

Its 1:30 at night, I am wide awake and the engine is on. We are having a bit of a rough start to our big Atlantic adventure! We made the mistake of sailing into the lee of Santa Antao, where there is an enormous wind shadow. The waves wrap around the island, but the wind is blocked by the high mountains so we find ourselves in big, confused seas with little wind at the moment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 19.41.13.png

The beginning of the sail was amazing. We said goodbye to everyone in the marina, ran around to do the last chores and then cast off the dock lines and pretty much sailed right out of the harbour with 20-25 knots from behind. We had almost no waves at all and after less than an hour we caught a big dorade.

Right when Thomas was preparing dinner (dorade with mashed potatoes and salad) we sailed into the wind shadow of Santa Antao and the boat started rolling very bad on the 4 meter waves. I couldn’t steer because there was no wind, so we decided to fire up the engine to get out of it. By the time dinner was finished, I was the only one who could enjoy the feast because everyone else felt seasick. The sea state didn’t improve so Basti and Caro were off to bed and Thomas and I took a shift together.

I was feeling all kinds of emotions: exhaustion from the last few days which were a bit stressier than anticipated, excitement because we’re finally off, sadness because of all the sweet messages and people worrying about us, disappointment because of this rough start and most of all I feel really bad for Caro and Basti that their first night at sea has to be like this..


Highlight of the day: casting the dock lines!

Drama of the day: Puking. And two cupholders broke off and the steering wheel was loose. Thomas fixed the wheel within a few minutes, he just got out his tools and screwed it on. We’re keeping an eye on that!

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