We hopped across the small channel between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura to meet our friends who had just arrived in Corralejo on the northern tip of Fuerteventura. Thomas and I already knew this town, we have spent a holiday here two years ago. Its quite the kitesurfing walhalla, but Thomas still wasn’t able to repair his kites.. (since July in Sardinia!) It was a bit like torture for him to see all the kites up in the air while he was still struggling to find replacement valves for ALL of the valves on his kites. It turned out that there is also a cheap fix possible with glue, but then we couldn’t find the proper glue! Poor Thomas.

We loved being in Corralejo and seeing our Magnus, Alex and Artemis again. We took them on a sailing trip around Isla de Lobos (a 2 hour sail) and anchored there to explore the little island. Alex and Magnus enjoyed the sail a lot, we had great wind and big swell to add to the excitement. Artemis and her sister however both got sea sick and they were happy to be on land again at the end of the day. We took advantage of their cool holiday home and the pool, hot shower and maybe also their car, barbecue and internet..

The anchorage we stayed in was super close to Corralejo and the home of our friends, but totally wrong in accordance to the waves and the wind. We had two sleepless nights on anchor before giving up and checking into the harbour. This tiny harbour was also very windy, shallow and the pontoons were in bad shape. We spent almost an hour trying to get into our slip in every possible way we could think of. Bow first, stern first, turning over starboard, turning over port.. We gathered a lot of audience as you can imagine. Thomas had to hop off our boat to the neighbouring boat to pull in our bow and prevent it from blowing against the pontoon. We got in after all but still damaged the side of our boat to a sharp steel edge of the pontoon. Luckily it only cut the gelcoat so we were able to repair it right away.

After a few days on Fuerteventura we had to sail back to Lanzarote for an appointment in the marina Rubincon (in Playa Blanca). Alex and Magnus joined us for a sunrise sail across the channel and practiced with docking the boat. Thomas and I are probably not the best sailing teachers, overfeeding him with information, contradicting each other, getting on his back, grabbing the wheel when it wasn’t necessary and didn’t just let him do his thing. But there was this expensive catamaran, a small slip and loads of wind to take into consideration so we were sweating it a little bit. The marina reception saw us struggle for about an hour before we safely docked Scehawk at the boat yard for our appointment. After our appointment they would give us the easiest, biggest, most foolproof slip in the whole harbour AND asked us if we needed docking assistance. Can you imagine we felt a bit like beginners again?

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