Lanzarote is a unique island in many ways. Its landscape is volcanic, everywhere you look are black stones which Thomas thinks look quite like crumbled dark cookies. Other people claim it looks like the moon, anyway, there is something fascinating about these black rocks. The houses are all clad in a contrasting white, and together with the green of the cacti and the blue of the sky its very picturesque.

An artist and architect from the island, Cesar Manrique, had a big influence in the development of the island and they quite successfully banned major touristic developments. This is such a relief compared to the building-polluted south coast of the Spanish mainland! Close to Arrecife, the capital of the island, we visited Manriques house as well as the house of Omar Sharif (which was also built following Manriques philosophy). Nature is a central theme in the architecture and the layout of the houses is very organic. Just using whats already there on site, the rooms are situated in lava bubbles or just outside on terraces. Wouldn’t it be awesome to throw a big party in that Omar Sharif casa?

When we were done touring the island we moved Scehawk from the marina a few miles down the coast to a pretty anchorage at the south-eastern tip of the island: Punta Papagayo. One of the prettiest anchorages we’ve seen so far! We enjoyed an amazing sunset and celebrated how far we had sailed already. Our friends Magnus, Alex and Artemis who were flying in from Basel the next day had to sit in a plane for 4 hours, and we had sailed that whole way!

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