Best Mediterranean Anchorages

Getting ready to pass through Gibraltar, we can look back to an awesome summer of cruising in the west Mediterranean. Our boat has taken us to secluded bays, amazing cities and beautiful beaches. We listed up our favourite anchorages. If you’re planning on sailing in the Med too, make sure not to miss these gems!

1. Saleccia (North Corsica, France)

This anchorage is just breathtaking. The whitest beach I have ever seen, the bluest possible water.  Add sun and a good book and we never want to leave.

2. Cala di Paragnanu (South Corsica, France)

The natural harbour of Bonifacio is a highlight of Corsica. The downside is that its very expensive.. We anchored around the corner at the Cala di Paragnanu, a sheltered bay with very good holding. Again, crystal clear water, white sandy beach.. perfection! From the bay its a good 40 minute walk to Bonifacio. The footpath is clear marked and shaded by the trees.

3. Ile Sainte Marguerite (just off Cannes, France)

In-between the two islands there is a shallow sandy patch where all the local boats anchor during the weekend. The islands are great for a little hike, a picknick and of course for swimming!

4. Cala Teulera (Menorca, Spain)


Just outside of the harbour of Mahon there is the anchorage of Cala Teulera. We loved this Cala because its very sheltered and its only a short dinghy ride away from Mahon. This anchorage is also great for hiking, fishing, swimming and to get shelter from the wind that can get very violent around the east of the island. The harbourmaster sometimes makes a random round and tells you that you have to leave after 3 days. We stayed well over 3 days but they didn’t send us away.

5. Cabo de Gata (Andalucía, Spain)

The driest part of Europe, like a European desert. There are a lot of anchorages around the Cabo the Gata, we went for the Playa de Los Genoveses. Its a big shallow bay with no mayor roads running along so the beach was empty. We love empty beaches!

6. Fetovaia, or Barbatoia (Southwest Elba, France)


An amazing surprise on Elba! The beach is super pretty and there are some restaurants and bars ashore. Almost nobody anchored overnight so we had the place to ourselves after sunset. On Elba, we also loved Porteferraio. Especially in bad weather this anchorage provides great shelter and its a short dinghy ride into town.

7. Calvi (North Corsica, France)

An anchorage as we love it. On one side a beautiful white beach, on the other side the pretty little town of Calvi. The bay is sheltered, there is plenty of room for everyone and the water is crystal clear. Calvi itself is a gem, with narrow streets full of restaurants and little shops. There is an airport nearby, where we got a cheap rental car to explore the island and to pick up guests.

8. Tharros (West Sardinia, Italy)

After being sent away from the shallow bay of Oristano, we anchored in Tharros. This turned out to be a beautiful, although somewhat unsheltered anchorage. Ashore you can visit the ruins of Tharros, go for a walk on the windy peninsula or just lie on the beautiful white beach.

9. Porquerolles (near St. Tropez, France)

9_Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 19.19.42 copy

We’ve visited these islands in March and they were pretty much deserted. We anchored in a bay where there were no buildings and no lights around and we saw the most spectacular starry night from horizon to horizon. Quite a unique experience for someone who spent their whole life in the city! Its not easy to photograph that so heres one from the sunrise.

10. Ficajola (West Corsica, France)


A very small anchorage near a great beach and a steep hill. You can climb up the hill to earn yourself a nice gelato or beer. Very clear water and we were lucky to arrive just as someone was leaving so we got the best spot in the bay.

As you can see, we especially loved Corsica and Menorca. These islands are not overrun by tourists (yet?) and have very pretty coastlines and endless possibilities for anchoring. We could have spend a lot more time on these islands!

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