A Captains Nightmare..

We thought we had our fair share of bad luck. We felt pretty sorry for ourselves when our engine broke down and we had to spend big money to get ourselves back in the water again. Besides the new engine, installation, boat yard, an apartment and rental cars (to pick up our guests) we also had a pretty serious parking fine and a costly dispute with a rental car company.

So after a few weeks in Torrevieja our morale was below zero, but then we heard a story of one of our friends that put everything back in perspective again.

We met Sander in Menorca, where he was sailing with friends on a boat of their parents. He is a good sailor who crossed the Atlantic already, won the ARC and knows a thing or two about boats and sailing techniques. We picked his brain about everything we still didn’t understand about our boat (what’s that winch for..?) and equipment we weren’t sure we would need, etc.

He told us he was also living on a sailboat in Amsterdam, a Koopmans 44, which he had been eyeing for a few years before he got the chance to buy it last year. He shipped it to Amsterdam and was preparing a world voyage with his girlfriend Yvette. In the meantime, he lives on the boat and has a job in Amsterdam. He showed us pictures and frankly I had never met anyone so in awe with his boat.

Last week, while he was out of the country for work, he got a message that his boat had sunk. In the harbour! The harbour is so deep that his whole boat was under water, with only the mast and wind generator sticking out. A horrible sight, I can’t even imagine what that must feel like!

The water has been pumped out of it and now the real pain starts: drying everything, replacing all the electronics, saving anything that is still usable and cleaning the salt out of it. Since the boat has been under water for two days a lot has been lost!

Their story really stuck with us and we keep thinking about how horrible it must be to have such an enormous setback when your big dream was coming so close. So we will try to help his crowdfunding campaign. For every edible fish we will catch, we are going to donate five euros. The campaign just started so we’re going to do our best in the next 90 days to contribute as much as possible! It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at their Facebook or Crowdfunding website and see if you can help this poor guys. Or if you want to commit to our fishing-fundraiser with a euro or two per fish just let us know!

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