A Week in the Boat Yard

After saying goodbye to Lukas and Liesa, we took Scehawk on a test run to the Egadi Islands. We had a lovely swim, read some books and motored back again, everything looked perfect. We couldn’t quite understand WHAT that mechanic did, but it seemed to have helped. After all these stressful days we went to bed early and sank into a deep sleep.. until a loud noise woke us op. We rushed outside and saw a small fisher boat disappear with our dinghy outboard! We called the coast guard in a panic (the thieves were heading into the harbour and we could still see them) but they stayed relaxed and asked us to ‘come into the office(-e) tomorrow morning(-e) after ten(-e)’. Needless to say we needed a drink.

The next morning, when I wanted to print our Italian insurance papers on which we luckily had the engine and dinghy described, we had to turn on the engine for electricity. And then.. we noticed that the engine was all flooded with sea water again! Also, the inverter broke but that is so minor it didn’t even bother us. We couldn’t do anything about it at that moment so we collected our boat neighbors (of whom the whole dinghy and outboard was stolen) to go and report the theft. This took four hours and six Sicilian officers. They made some hilarious mistakes in the English report ‘While I was sleeping with my husband we heard a loud bang’ but I was in such a bad mood that I even had these mistakes corrected. That would have brightened the day of someone at the insurance company though.

When we were finally back on the boat we noticed a new boat in the anchorage and I was determined to warn them about the theft. Thomas warned me: the wind is too strong, you’re not going to make it. I was stubborn and rowed over there, totally overestimating my own rowing capabilities and I missed the boat. The wind was too strong so I started drifting off to Tunesia.. what a day. I started yelling and panicking and they had to rescue me. Nice moment to warn them about theft.

Thomas pumped the water out of the engine and we got it running. He noticed that the mechanic made a mistake with the impeller, which had also happened with us before. So we headed back to the boat yard (on foot, quite a walk) and talked about our options. It was a Friday, and the mechanic could come in on Monday. We had to stay in the horrible anchorage for the whole weekend, waking up with every fisher boat that passed.. We also asked him where we could buy a new or used outboard. We told him about the theft and at that moment he started feeling sorry for us. They invited us to be their guests over the weekend. That meant free hot showers, electricity and water! We finally got a little break from the stress and things were starting to look up for us again from this day.

We ended up having to stay until Thursday, so 6 nights! We waited on an engine part (spoiler alert, it didn’t do the trick) and did some little boat jobs. We actually found that we should have planned this beforehand. After two months of cruising, there are so many little jobs to be done that a week on land with shops and supplies is almost a basic necessity.

We also payed a visit to Erice, a small village uphill from Trapani. We had been staring at the lights from the cable car for almost two weeks, so we decided to go there.

After that week we were very happy to be off for our postponed big crossing to Sardinia and the Balearic Islands.


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