South Sardinia

Our next stop was Carloforte, where we got a spot in a marina in the city centre and were able to refuel and fill our empty water tanks. The marina staff was super friendly and charged us two classes below the real price (55 instead of 85 euros!). Carloforte is a small town with an almost oriental style to it. Three storey houses and tree lined streets, little shops and gelaterias everywhere. We wanted to stay for two nights so on the second day we rented scooters and explored the island. Which was, just like the Sardinian west coast, very hot and a bit barren. There are big salt pans just outside of the city where we saw flamingo’s – and no, I don’t mean Günther in the dinghy behind us.

Since the end of the trip for Thomas’ parents was in sight and we had to prepare for our sail to Sicily we got a place in a marina / boat yard in Cagliari. We had some troubles with the engine and before our crossing we wanted to get her reliable again. Thomas was slowly getting worried and annoyed about the engine issues, and decided to do some motor maintenance. More on that (bad?) decision later.

From this week on, the pictures of our big friendly red engine are taking over the camera..

The marina where we stayed looked kind of improvised, with a lot of decaying boats, questionable quays and facilities in tents. The laundry machine was in the dirtiest shed I’ve ever seen, with a hole in the floor right in front of the machine where oil, dust, dead mice and hair gathered (don’t drop the pillow cases!). But as we wanted to get boat work done this didn’t bother us much and the staff had phone numbers of men for every boat job imaginable. Within the first day we already had a welding job and some canvas repairs done! We were so absorbed by getting-shit-done that we only discovered the very last night that the marina had the fastest internet imaginable and sold very cheap beer.

Cagliari really surprised us. Judging on our shabby marina we expected an industrial city, a bit like Genoa, with many boat yards and industrial buildings. When we went for a stroll through the city centre it was much more than that: small streets with many restaurants, high classy buildings from the twenties and many art nouveau influences. We really enjoyed the two days in Cagliari and are excited to get back there one day. We said goodbye to our parental crew after two weeks of summerly cruising and headed for Capo Carbonara for our first big crossing.

Just the two of us again..

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