We had a dilemma which we were facing a lot while sailing along the coast of Italy: do we do a very long daysail or do we cut it up in manageable pieces but therefore stay in an expensive marina? We aimed for the long daysail and also had a few marinas in mind as a plan B. We don’t want to go into marinas (or anchor) after sunset so our choices are mainly made by the amount of wind and the daylight.


Because of the considerable miles we had to do, we arrived pretty late but we made it. We docked at the ‘Marina di Pisa’ and got a well-deserved good night sleep. The whole point of going to Pisa, and not sailing straight towards Elba, was of course to see the famous leaning tower. So the next day we took a bus to the city for a very pleasant touristy day with site seeing, amazing pizza and gelato and maybe a bit of provisioning at the local cheap supermarket. We had a lot of fun watching tourists take the cliche photo of pushing or pulling the tower, but decided not to go in. There was a long queue, the sun was burning and there were so much other sights to see..

Planning our next sail to Elba we ran into the same dilemma as earlier, do we go for a long daysail or do we stop along the way in an expensive marina? You can guess our plan A and plan B. The wind had turned and picked up a little bit so we were confident enough to point at Elba directly. After dodging the reef just off Livorno we could just set a course and sail that all day. Until the wind died.. We ended up motoring for 7 of the 14 hours on the water, a record for us so far. But we made it to Elba and we avoided an expensive marina so it was well worth it! We think our motor uses about 2,5 litres of diesel per hour, and a marina costs roughly 50 euros here so you can do the math.

Arriving to Elba means that we have some time to slow down! We’ve reached our second big goal, after sailing northeast to Genoa we’ve made it southeast to Elba. We want to stay here for a week, hop from anchorage to anchorage and have a bit of a well-deserved holiday (oops, did I just write that?). We’ll see how it goes, until now nothing went according completely to plan..

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