One Week of Sailing

It’s already a week ago that we set sail from Port Grimaud. I’ve really looked forward to this moment: all the preparations are finished, the stressful ‘firsts’ are behind us and there are still soooo many weeks ahead of us.

Our first stop was Rade d’Agay, and the day after we set sail to the Îles de Lérins just south of Cannes. When we were boat shopping, we already saw this islands from land and now it was time to look the other way. We anchored between the two islands, among many others. When everyone left for the night we had the place almost to ourselves, enjoyed a nice dinner on the beach and watched a beautiful sunset from the boat. Right when it got dark another sailboat rushed in. They dropped the anchor in a few seconds and the owners climbed up the mast (one with his bare hands and without securing himself) to enjoy the sunset. We wish we were that cool, but our anchoring takes at least half an hour with loads of ‘I don’t feel good about this, shall we do it again?’ and if I go up the mast I want to be secured double.

Over the next days, we made our way northeast very slowly. The wind was exactly from the direction we were heading, so we had to tack. There was generally little wind, except for Tuesday. The wind forecast was just like the other days: wind from the northeast between 5 and 10 knots. We had to leave port early, so we were on our way at 6:30. We enjoyed a nice calm coffee and breakfast and after half an hour the wind picked up to over 20 knots! Dishes and books were flying around inside and the boat was flying at 8 knots (previous days we had been sailing at 3-5 knots). We reefed and squeezed all the miles possible out of the day.

It turned out to be an amazing sail and we treated ourselves with a spot in the marina in Alassio afterwards. Anyone ever been to Alassio? What a weird place. It might be the weirdest town I’ve ever been to. It’s like an Italian Florida with only elderly people and housing prices comparable to Amsterdam..


And the stressful moments? Well, Scehawk decided to give us a big break. The furler rolled perfectly and didn’t break or snap off. The motor functioned flawless when manoeuvring into small Italian marinas and even in light winds we manage to sail very reasonable speeds. The only thing breaking down on us is our outboard, a small Yamaha 4hp motor we use for the tender.. Paddling makes a good work-out though.

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