We’re off!

We have replaced the furler, serviced the winches, threaded the lost reefline, checked the engine and the outboard, fixed a hole in the dinghy, renewed the gas hose, cleaned and oiled the teak, fixed the windlass, redid the boat letters, provisioned.. and then it stormed.

So one day later, after the wind calmed down, we said goodbye to Port Grimaud. We headed out of the Bay of St. Tropez and steered northeast! It was very strange and exciting at the same time to leave the ‘home port’ of the boat, not knowing what our final destination will be.. The route for now is to follow the Ligurian coast up to Elba. We’re doing day trips of 10 – 30 miles, depending on the anchorages.

We had a perfect first day with wind (and not too much of it), everything was working properly and we reached our destination of Rade d’Agay in the afternoon. The plan of only anchoring wasn’t working out here, there were laid moorings of which we grabbed one (laid moorings are fixed buoys which you tie your boat to so you don’t have to anchor yourself – super convenient but not free like anchoring). We celebrated our first night out with a swim in turquoise water between the little fishes and a bottle of nice champagne. Life is good.

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