Medical Kit for Sailors

At the sea survival course we took this winter we had some lectures of a doctor who also gave us a list of what a sailors first aid kit should/could consist of. Apart from paracetamol all these medicines were a mystery to us…

So we decided to talk to a befriended doctor and consult him about which medicines to take. The doctor, Hans, was very enthusiastic about our plans and offered to assemble a sailors first aid kit for us with samples he had lying around in the office. After a few days he handed us a big bag full of medicines, syringes, bandages, a handful of subscriptions and -here comes the best part- pirate plasters!

After bringing this big bag on board, I still had no idea what medicine did which trick and in case of emergency I wouldn’t be able to distinguish antibiotics from allergy pills. So I decided to focus for a day (or two) and get the drugs organised.

I went through the list we got at our course, which was super pixelated and hard to read, read the comments Hans wrote on them and found the meds to go with it. Stuffed in watertight bags, labeled them with a category of disease they work for and documented everything in excel.

I guess every medical emergency kit is different, ours has lots of allergy medicines in it because Thomas has allergies and almost had an allergic shock before from eating some cherries. Besides all this we also have a ‘normal’ first aid kit, which in our case is pretty big as we just took everything we had in our bathroom closet in Basel.

We hope everything stays untouched!

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