Boat Projects

We went cold turkey from comfortable city life to living in the backyard of a nice French lady without electricity and water. So we got right down to business in getting the boat ready for leaving this nice but tight and basic living space.

The curious thing about boat projects is that some things you think are going to be super complicated turn out to be a five minute job and other projects are exactly the other way around. For example the reef line we lost when we were rigging the sails. I made a day-to-day plan and gave that job a whole day, as I expected we would have to take the beam off. But with a 5 meter spiral wire Thomas bought it was done in no time!

For cleaning the winches I estimated half a day but in fact it took three days with our hands in old grease and white spirit (melting away even the strongest gloves). Afterwards we found out we did it slightly wrong, but no way we’re opening those again.

On Wednesday our new furler arrived. It was delivered to a sail maker only a few kilometers from the boat, but it was still quite an adventure to pick it up. To make it to the store before it closed we had to walk 1,5 hour in fast pace in the burning sun and if we would stop to get some water (we were damn thirsty) we would arrive too late. So we tried to hitchhike, and as by some miracle a nice French lady gave us a ride all the way to the right street. Arriving to the store, the furler was great but consisted of three big, heavy packages. We asked the store owner to call us a taxi, on which he offered us his own car! After returning his car to the store around closing time, he offered to give us a ride back as well.


We found out during the assembly of the new furler that it was missing one piece. An essential piece. So now we’re waiting again, stocking up on food, water and fuel in the meantime so we can leave as soon as the missing piece is united with the furler and assembled on the boat!

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