Mr. & Mrs.

Last weekend, we got married! Apart from a rocky start of the day (where Thomas found out half his suit was still at the dry cleaner) it couldn’t have been any better. Despite his old suit I said yes, and so did he.

We got married in Thomas’ home town in Germany and threw a big party in the ‘Homburger Papiermühle’ – an old factory. The location was the perfect size and our guests were even allowed to camp on the factory site. Thomas’ sisters and my parents did an awesome job decorating the place and even organised a caravan on site for us so we could just crash right in bed after the party. It was the greatest luxury to be able to extend the party to breakfast, where everyone who crawled out of their tents joined at the buffet and worked steadily through the leftovers.

Friends and family from all over Europe were able to make it to the party, and even my aunt and cousin from New Zealand flew in! It was amazing seeing everyone again and being able to party properly into our gap year. We are honoured by all the love and effort everyone put into this wedding/goodbye party!

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