Bye bye Basel!

Over the course of the last weeks, we said goodbye to our daily lives in Basel.. We moved out of our apartment, stored our stuff in Germany and had our last days at work.

One of the most labour-intensive and difficult parts was to move out of our apartment. For the majority of our time in Basel we lived in a charming old Swiss apartment building with a spare room where we had a lot of family, friends and later on also airbnb’ers over as guests. With the airbnb income we were able to cover the travel expenses of our sailboat search.

On the day before the big move, two minutes before they closed, the rental company sent us an e-mail where they cancelled our moving truck on us (you’ve lost a frequent customer there, Hertz). After going through all the stages of grief Thomas found a smaller van in Freiburg which we went for and were crazy excited to actually pick up (you’ve gained some frequent customers here, Sixt). The downside was that we weren’t able to fit all of our stuff in there.. Our spare mattress had to stay in Basel.

I wasn’t actually that sad about the mattress since the last airbnb’er had a nasty accident on there (what’s the worst incident you can think of on a mattress? Well, that..) But because karma owed us one here we weren’t pulled over at the border or for overloading the truck on the 600 km drive.

This international move wasn’t the last we saw of Switzerland, afterwards we both returned to our jobs for a couple of more days before saying goodbye to everyone last Friday. We’re leaving Switzerland with so many awesome memories and we’re going to miss all the amazing people and the jaw dropping landscape!

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