Getting Organised on Board

So.. we bought a boat! We were crazy excited to spend our first weekend on board and take a look at all the spare parts and other surprises the previous owner left us.

Other plans for the weekend were to test the dinghy, galley, heads and beds. The first obstacle was to get the head (toilet) working. If you leave the boat for a longer period of time you usually close all the seacocks to prevent water coming into the boat. So, first we had to find and open all the seacocks. There are two heads, and 3 seacocks per head (one for water inlet, one for water outlet and one for the sink) plus a main seacock to get the water from the tanks to the pump to the sinks. You can imagine that it took a while until we found them all..

With that taken care of we moved onto the dinghy. We were determined to motor up to St. Tropez and drink a beer on the promenade while watching rich Russians. Sadly enough, there was not enough gas in the outboard so we only had a small tour around Port Grimaud until returning to the boat.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 14.43.37 copy.jpg

The rest of the weekend we spent trying to make an inventory of the boat. We opened every locker and storage compartment and listed what we found in a big excel sheet. There were so many surprises, it was like a marathon of Christmas gifts. There were fitted bedsheets for the cabins (which I was planning on making myself – check!), four life vests, a mast climbing system, countless charts and innumerable spare parts. There were so many in fact, that we didn’t even get through listing them all in one weekend.

How do we know what to keep and what not to? If we also want to store the kites, boards, our wetsuits, clothes, books, food and all the other stuff we plan on taking, we’re going to have to do some advanced tetris to get it all on board.

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