The One

We were so relieved that the survey turned out OK! We’re still crossing our fingers that the surveyor didn’t miss anything, but the maintenance list looks like something you would expect of a 34-year old boat. Some small holes and cracks in the deck gelcoat, minor osmosis on the rudder, a scratch on the bow, a leaking toilet pump and some either unwilling or broken indicators – nothing major that made us rethink buying the boat altogether.

The only doubt we had left was about the sails. They are new and we weren’t able to rig them during the survey. What if they are the wrong size? Although we trusted the owner to supply the boat with fitting sails, that was a risk we couldn’t take (financially). We shared our doubt with the broker, who offered his help us with the rigging of the sails and even guaranteed fitting sails at his costs. What a legend.

With that out of the way, it was time to spend some money! We learned a thing or two about our bank limits and the 24 hours it takes to change them. But it all worked out in the end, we’re boat owners now!


Champagne was involved every step of the way. For obvious reasons.

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